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Boat detailing miami

     Omega Yacht in Miami is the best company to use when boat detailing is needed.  Owning and maintaining a boat in Miami is not to be taken lighly.  The burning hot sun, salt spray, and the elements all conspire to damage the exterior of your boat.  Oxidation leads to paint damage, rust and corrosion.  This is why frequent boat detailing is necessary to keep your boat looking shiny and new.  

     We clean and shine all types of surfaces including metal, glass, vinyl, fiberglass and windows.  Detailing the interior of your boat is important because guests want to board a boat as if they were the first ones on board.  That fresh, clean smell and look of the interior accents the positive experience of your guests.  One of the ways to maintain the cleanliness of the interior is to get rid of mildew and bacteria which left untouched, can grow into a big, smelly problem.  Therefore, frequent interior cleaning is necessary for the guests who demand excellent service from their captains and chief stewards.

     Next to our homes, our boats are the most expensive items we will ever own.  What many boat owners don't realize is that most of the depreciation on a boat comes from neglecting the proper maintenance and upkeep of the vessel, more than any other factor.  Boat owners in Miami who leave their boats outside for a long time need to be aware and pay extra attention to damage from the elements.

     We understand that using the proper products is essential in cleaing a boat because sometimes using the wrong product on a particular surface can damage the surface irreparably.

Boat detailing miami
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Boat detailing miami